History of Immanuel Orange

 October 12, 1922

On this evening a number of Lutherans residing in and around Orange and formerly affiliated with St. John's organized Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church.

 October 15, 1922

The following Sunday services were conducted at The Rochester Hotel. The Rev. A. F. Pargee was asked to serve as _. pastor until a permanent shepherd could be called and installed.

November21, 1922

A constitution was drafted and adopted.

  November 29. 1922

Pastor Jensen accepted the call as founding Pastor. (Thanksgiving Day)

October 17, 1922

The First Voters assembly heard reports from two committees and decided: 1. The Rochester Hotel would be the temporary site for services. 2. To purchase lots on East Chapman Avenue and South Pine Street.

Rev. N.F. _Jensen was called to be pastor.   Mr. J.M. Heimreich was called to be teacher.

  October 26, 1922

A total of 218 communicant members signed the petition to incorporate under the laws of California.

December 4, 1922

The school building was finished first so classes were begun with Pastor Jensen as the teacher.

 December 24, 1922

Mr. Heimreich accepted the call to be teacher.

April 18, 1923

Groundbreaking for church and parish hall.

 June 24, 1923

The Cornerstone was laid for the church.  The construction of the parish hall and church was begun.

 Fall 1923

The parish hall was completed first so worship services were moved from the Rochester Hotel to the parish hall

March 9, 1924

Church and Parish Hall were dedicated to the glory and service of God.

Three special services were held: 10:00 a.m. German 2:30 p.m. English and German 7:30 p.m. English